Taos Mountain from El Prado, NM ~ Benito Concha

The New Mexico Invitational Reading Series showcases New Mexico poets at the Taos Poetry Circus.
1     Jack COLLUM, Alex JACOBS, Jeanetta CALHOUN, and ROSÉ
1994 NMV-001 $29
2     Reneé GREGORIO, Terry SONG, and Kenn RODRÍGUEZ
1996 NMV-002 $29
3     Cecilio GARCÍA-CAMARILLO, E.A. MARES, and Elena ÁVILA
1997 NMV-003 $29
4     Robert MASTERSON, Mary McGINNIS, and Danny SOLIS
1998 NMV-004 $29
5     Carol MERRILL and Joe Ray SANDOVAL
1999 NMV-005 $29
6     Lisa GILL, Jesús GUZMÁN, and Donna SNYDER
2000 NMV-006 $29
7     Joanne YOUNG, Matthew John CONLEY, and Juliette TORREZ
2001 NMV-007 $29
8     Victor DiSUVERO, Abraham SMITH, and Tammy GOMEZ
2002 NMV-008 $29
9     Joe SOMÓZA, Laura TOHE, and RoseMary DÍAZ
2003 NMV-009 $29
The 1st New Mexico Invitational was held at the historic Martinez Hacienda in 1993 and featured Joan Logghe, Terry Jacobus, Levi Romero, Al Simmins, and the WPBA’s own Luminous Animal (Peter Rabbit, Anne MacNaughton, and Amalio Madueño).